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(OMNS, Feb 16, 2010) We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our many new readers. We appreciate your interest in learning more about the proven benefits of nutritional medicine. Naturally, no information source can take the place of a physician.

The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service cannot answer individual readers’ emailed health questions. OMNS also does not have a directory service or provide referrals to physicians. However, readers have so often asked for additional information on both of these topics that we offer the following:

Locating an Orthomolecular Doctor

If you need to locate a physician near you that uses orthomolecular (nutritional) medicine, you may wish to first try an internet search. Many practitioners have websites. Additional thoughts and cautions on obtaining a natural healing doctor will be found at and at

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) physician search tool will be found at

The website also has a self-service practitioner listing at and a partial listing of orthomolecular practitioners or treatment centers at

More links to practitioner directories may be found at Directory

Your internet search will likely find others. None of these websites, nor this article, are in any way offering a recommendation for specific practitioners. It is up to you to personally inquire and specifically ask about their credentials and orthomolecular approaches to treatment as may concern you.

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