Restoring Gut Health After Antibiotic Use – Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Tom O'Bryan

Dr. Tom O’Bryan discusses the impact of antibiotics on your microbiome and how to restore gut flora and intestinal health after your round of antibiotic treatment. Dr. Tom lists pre-biotic foods and recipes that will help. Watch as he discusses his 4 week protocol for restoring intestinal bacteria. Special note for parents: There are several points that Dr. Tom makes about children and antibiotic use that you should listen to. Be sure to listen through to the apple sauce recipe. Kids love it and the pectin really helps!


  1. I have been eating the apple sauce mentioned at (11:11) for over a year now and love it. Some days I will add nuts, cinnamon and greek yogourt and it’s like eating apple pie. When I eat anything else for breakfast it just does not feel right.

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